• Ed Halmagyi
  • Better Homes & Gardens

"Cook with passion, eat with love!"

Find Ed's Spaghettini in Rocket Pesto with Smoked Trout recipe here

‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi is one of Australia’s favourite chefs. His work on Better Homes & Gardens – the TV show, the radio show, the magazine and online – has seen his recipes served on millions of Australian dining tables every week. He also hosts the Discover Tasmania TV show, and is regularly seen on Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Ed’s books ‘Nove Cucina’, ‘Dinner in 10’, and his recent work ‘An Hour’s the Limit’ have been a process of exploration, delving into what it is that actually makes us happy in the kitchen. In the end Ed believes that while food is important, it’s more important to have time to savour that offering with people you love. So Ed’s mission is simple – keep the time to a minimum, and the flavour turned up to 11!!

‘Better Basics’ is Ed’s magazine, published twice a year, featuring themes from our culinary lives.

At heart Ed is a pastry chef and believes strongly in the sweeter things in life because they have the power to make us truly happy. 

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