Hadleigh Troy
Chef owner of Restaurant Amuse, Perth

"A Taste of Harmony creates a great incentive to get toknow your colleagues a little better whilst enriching you own knowledge and tastebuds!

You can find a recipe for Hadleigh's amazing Shepherds Pie here


What is your cultural background?

I was born in the UK, raised in Australia.

What role does food play in bringing people and cultures together?

It gives people common ground, something they can share and relate to, breaking down barriers that may have previously been there.

Why is it important to learn about and understand the different cultures of the people you work with? 

Understanding the cultures of those that you work with will benefit your own knowledge and enrich your day to day working life. The upside of this from my experience is if this cultural exchange includes food the benefits can be very tasty indeed!

Why should Australians get involved with A Taste of Harmony?

The celebration provides a unique opportunity to exchange some of the recipes and tastes that make up who you are and where you come from. It creates a great incentive to get to know your colleagues a little better whilst at the same time enriching your own knowledge and your taste buds!

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