Jimmy Shu
Hanuman, Adealide

"The best way to understand and appreciate a culture is through food"

What is your cultural background?

I am of Chinese heritage as both parents were born in the Shantung Province in China. However I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and became an Australian citizen in 1976.

How has Australia’s diverse culture impacted on the foods you cook?

Since I was born in Sri Lanka and my parents were Chinese, and operated a restaurant for 38 years in Sri Lanka, I was already exposed to 3 different cuisines namely Chinese, Sri Lankan and Indian.

What role does food play in bringing cultures together?

The best way to understand and appreciate a culture is through food. Food has no borders and the cuisine and style that I like most is Nonya which happens to be my wife's heritage. It is a combination of Chinese influences in Malay food and vice versa. This is true fusion food which happened almost 450 years ago even before the word fusion was coined.

Why do you think it’s important to learn about and understand the different cultures of the people you work with?

To start with we all want respect from our fellow human beings and the ideal way to begin this is to understand, appreciate and respect the individual’s culture and that could be done through appreciating their food.

​Why should Australians get involved with A Taste of Harmony?

To share their experiences and enhance each other’s wellbeing which leads to living together in harmony and helping each other in life.

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