Carly Day
Jamaican Food Producer & Founder of The Ja Joint

"Food brings cultures together. It breaks down barriers when language can't lend a helping hand"

What is your cultural background?

I am a proud UK/Jamaican/Chinese/Irish/Australian citizen. I moved here from the UK 8 years ago and fell in love with the Australian people.

How has Australia’s diverse culture impacted on the foods you cook?

Australia is made of a melting pot of cultures. Coming from such a vast variety of cultures I identified mostly with the Jamaican culture and food. As a Jamaican cook and food producer, I was bought up on amazing  authentic Jamaican cuisine, this cuisine is very popular in the UK but yet to be in Australia. After settling in Australia and understanding the lack of access to Jamaican cuisine, I decided to develop Australia's first Jamaican food product line, made in Australia The Ja Joint .To me it's incredibly important that as such a culturally diverse nation we reflect this with food and connecting events like A Taste of Harmony.

What role does food play in bringing cultures together?

Food brings cultures together. It breaks down barriers when language can't lend a helping hand. The effects are the same as music. This is what I love about being in the food industry. It's non-judgemental. It honestly replicates the human desire to connect, with every mouthful you experience that cultures journey and bind. This feeds awareness, compassion and education.

Why do you think it’s important to learn about and understand the different cultures of the people you work with?

As a leading social enterprise brand in Queensland, our ethos is connecting cultures through food and employment. We give customers a trip to Jamaica and back with our products, above that we work with community organisations that have access to disadvantaged youth from a variety of cultures. With understanding of cultures we connect. Connecting and compassion goes so far. At the end of the day we all are the same skin deep, events like this raise awareness.

Why should Australians get involved with A Taste of Harmony?

It's a no brainer, if you care about community and the people of Australia connecting as a whole you will embrace your roots and shine of this important day of compassion and connection through food. 

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