Head to the Hub for your event decorations

March 12, 2015

The Event Hub has all of your favourite promotional and decorative items as well as some newbies to help you celebrate your event in style.

On the promotional tools page of the Event Hub you will find:
  • Posters to decorate your lunch room
  • Dish cards to label each dish
  • A placemat filled with great conversation starters
  • An all new trivia quiz
  • A recipe book template to collect and share the best recipes from your event
  • A world map to chart your workplace’s ancestry.
We also have a fantastic flag library that allows you to collect the flags of countries represented at your event and print them off as posters, bunting or toothpicks.

And of course, don’t forget to ‘check in’ to your A Taste of Harmony event on our live Participation Board.

You can share the Event Hub tools with your colleagues using this link: www.tasteofharmony.org.au/thehub.

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