Six last minute event ideas

March 12, 2015

Short on time to organise an event for next week? Never fear, here are six great last-minute ideas.

1. Delicious drinks: If your office is pressed for time, an A Taste of Harmony themed morning or afternoon tea with multicultural drinks and snacks could be the way to go. You might like to try some different international teas and coffees, or soft drinks and juices. 

2. Cultural trivia. We have a set of cultural trivia questions from all four corners of the globe ready to use on our Event Hub.  Print it off and put your work team to the test!

3. Support your local cultural take outs: If the busy schedules of your colleagues don’t accommodate cooking a dish, why not order takeaway from a local multicultural restaurant or head out to a restaurant for a team lunch? 

4. Learn the lingo. Before your event, ask workmates to learn how to say ‘it’s delicious’ in a language other than their own. Go around the circle and teach each other the phrase.

5. Get a splash of Vitamin D. Why not take the party outside? This could be in the form of an outdoor setting or picnic style gathering at a local park. Host a game cricket, bocci or European handball between larger offices. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

6. Dress it up! Clothing is one of the more obvious visual representations of culture. Encourage your team mates to wear their culture on their sleeve, literally, by dressing up in national costumes. Why not dress up the luncheon area too; our flag generator is a great tool to collate the flags of the countries represented at your event and print them off as decorations. 

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