In the 21st century, employers are faced with a number of challenges, including increased competition for talent, adapting to the realities of increased workforce and customer diversity, and responding to the impacts of globalisation.

The Scanlon Foundation has partnered with the Diversity Council Australia to bring you a factsheet, collating research on the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

The factsheet summarises findings from Australia and around the globe to demonstrate how diversity and inclusion in the workforce enhances many different aspects of business.  These include access to different markets; increased productivity and innovation; capturing employee talent; and improving bottom lines.

The findings further solidify our understandings of the benefits cultural diversity brings to the workplace and confirms the important role that A Taste of Harmony plays in cherishing and celebrating that diversity.

You can download the full factsheet here and references are available here.

Further to this, the Australian Multicultural Foundation and Robert Bean Consulting have produced the Managing Cultural Diversity Training Program to help businesses to better understand cultural diversity.

These resources have been designed to enable workplaces to harness cultural diversity to improve workplace performances through relationships, team work, productivity, market knowledge, community relationships, customer service and competitiveness.

Click on the resource links below: (PDF)

For further information and resources, the Australian Multicultural Foundation is endorsing the use of CultureMate, a one-stop shop for online cultural competence, which is customised for industry sectors. For more information visit

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