• Learn the lingo

    Before your event, ask workmates to learn how to say ‘it’s delicious!’ in a language other than their own. Go around the circle and teach each other the phrase!

  • My grandma used to make…

    Encourage workmates to bring in a dish that their grandma (or grandpa!) taught them to cook, or which best reminds them of their grandparents

  • How old, how far?

    Encourage staff to bring recipes that have been passed down generations (and across the seas) by awarding a prize for the oldest dish and the dish that has travelled the furthest

  • Dynamic duos

    Encourage staff to pair up with a workmate and create a ‘fusion’ meal of their different cultural backgrounds.

  • Culture swap

    Make a list of all the nationalities in your office (encourage people to look back through their family history if they are unsure), put them all in a hat and have each staff member pull one out.  Staff members then bring in a dish reflecting their chosen country

  • Staff recipe book

    Encourage employees to share their recipes and turn the contributions into a workplace A Taste of Harmony recipe book

  • Tell us a story

    Share a short story with your dish! Maybe your meal has been passed down from generations and is a special part of your family heritage? Maybe you have a childhood memory about it or memories of trying to cook it as a child?

  • Mystery dish

    Without identifying it, ask colleagues to describe why their dish is symbolic of their culture. Number each dish and invite everyone to match the dishes with the descriptions

    Australian National University, Canberra

  • Fun food facts

    Bring a dish from your favourite cultural cuisine and share a few facts to accompany it, for example, when it is traditionally eaten and how it originated


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