ANZ supports an inclusive workplace where employee differences in areas like gender, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choice are valued. Workplace diversity is not just about doing the right thing; it's about valuing and leveraging people's unique attributes.

We want to create a level playing field so that every employee can fully contribute and achieve.

Our business aspiration is to become a 'super regional' bank. A culturally diverse workforce helps us to understand and meet the needs of our growing customer base in new and international markets.

Our workforce represents 134 cultural backgrounds, speaks 91 languages and follows 84 religions.

"I've always championed diversity issues. Maybe this comes from being born and brought up in England, having a German mother and a Spanish father. Maybe it's because I've lived and worked in four continents. Maybe it's because I love to travel. But if there's one thing I've learnt in my career, it's this - when you start to frame diversity in terms of its business benefits, you start to get momentum."

Susie Babani
ANZ, Group Managing Director, Human Resources

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